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Cannot open keylogger window with the Hotkey?

If you can't open the keylogger window with the hot key, please try the following tips:

Please right click the Aobo Keylogger app from the secret folder where you put the keylogger and choose "Open" (If you can not use Right click, please hold the key "Ctr" and click the Installer instead), then try the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+A.

  • If you are using the Spanish, Italian, Janpanese, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, Russian or Chinese(Simplified/Traditonal ) keyboard, the hot key should be: "Ctrl+Alt+A"
  • For French keyboard, please try "Ctrl+Alt+Q"
  • If it is a German keyboard, please open the keylogger with "Shift+Alt+A"
  • If you have a PC keyboard, try to use "Win+Alt+A" or "Ctrl+Win+A"
  • If you have changed the hotkey, you should use your own one.

Please minimize other windows to show the desktop when you try the hotkey.

Please note that "Alt" is the same as "Option" key on Mac keyboard.

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