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How to make Aobo Keylogger for Mac more stealthy

Aobo Keylogger for Mac 3.4 or above will automatically hide itself and run in stealth mode after installation. Here we talk about how to clear the download trace of Aobo Mac Keylogger.

Follow the steps below you will clear the download trace of Aobo Keylogger for Mac.

  1. Open the web browser you use to download Aobo, may be Safari or Firefox

For Safari:
- Click "History" on the top menu and select "Clear History".
- Click "View", select "Show Downloads", and click "Clear" in the download window.
For Firefox:
- Click "Tools" on the top menu and select "Clear Recent History";
- Click "Tools", select "Downloads", and click "Clear List" in the download window.

After you clear all the data, please Restart your Mac, go to "Downloads" folder or the folder where you put the downloaded Aobo file on your Mac and right click the files you downloaded and select "Move to Trash".


So far we have successfully hidden the keylogger program from discovery. Now let's begin talking about the keylogger security problem.

  • Bring up the keylogger software interface with the hotkey (default Ctrl+Alt/Option+A). In "General" menu, Check "Run keylogger everytime your Mac starts" to make sure it works any time you boot your Mac.
  • Click "Set Password" and type one which is different from your admin password. Then check "Apply Password" to take it into effect. Click the input box beside "Customize Hot Key" to change the hotkey combination.
  • Please keep your password secret (both the admin pass and the keylogger security pass). Use hotkey to call out the program. Whenever you change the settings please click "Hide and Go!" to make the keylogger work stealthily.

With the above simple steps, Aobo Keylogger will work in totally stealthy mode.

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