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Failed to send test email

The possible reasons why you fail to send a test email are as below:

1.  The email settings are not correct.

2.  Internet connection is not available.

Please follow the guide below to figure out the problem:

Double check the SMTP, Port, Username, Password and SSL to make sure the email settings are correct.

We recommend free Gmail which supports SMTP, use it just as the smtp server to send logs. Register one here:   

    >>>>Send to = your email address ( such as [email protected] )
    >>>>SMTP Server =
    >>>>Port = 587
    >>>>Username = your Gmail address ( such as [email protected] )
    >>>>Password = your Gmail password
    >>>>SSL/TLS = yes 

Make sure the target Mac is internet available. If you have any firewall on the Mac, disable it temporarily.

After that, open the keylogger and navigate to "General" tab. Click "Send Test" to see if it works.

If the above tips does not help, please try to reboot the Mac or reinstall the keylogger and see whether a test email can be sent successfully. If not, please Contact Us for help.

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